Campaign Partners

Restoring Prosperity is an initiative of six organizations: Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program, Smart Growth America, the National Housing Institute, PolicyLink, the Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities, and the Northeast-Midwest Institute — in cooperation with organizations in six states (NJ, MI, OH, PA, NY, and CT), to shape a state and federal revitalization agenda that transforms America’s older industrial cities.

About our Partner Organizations

Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program

The Metropolitan Policy Program provides decision makers with cutting-edge research and policy analysis on the shifting realities of cities and metropolitan areas. The program reflects our belief that the United States is undergoing a profound period of change—change that affects its demographic make-up, its development patterns, and its market dynamics. These changes are reshaping the roles of cities, suburbs, and metropolitan areas and the challenges they confront. For that reason, a new generation of public policies must be developed that answers to these new circumstances. Our mission has therefore been clear from the outset: We are redefining the challenges facing metropolitan America and promoting innovative solutions to help communities grow in more inclusive, competitive, and sustainable ways.

Smart Growth America

SGA works to achieve a vision of sustainable regions and communities in which development outcomes are equitable, environmentally beneficial, economically robust, and strengthened by vigorous citizen engagement. To achieve this vision, we have assiduously pursued a mission to help people and their communities achieve a better way to grow: one that protects natural areas and environmental health, revitalizes communities, increases housing and transportation choices, and offers all Americans fair access to opportunities.

National Housing Institute

The National Housing Institute is an independent nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to community revitalization by empowering residents of low-income neighborhoods, strengthening the civil society and enhancing the work of community builders through public policy and programmatic analysis, development and promotion. Founded in 1975, we communicate our research through symposia, reports and in our national journal Shelterforce.


PolicyLink is a national research and action institute that works collaboratively to develop and implement local, state, and federal policies to achieve economic and social equity. The work of PolicyLink is rooted in partnerships with public, private, philanthropic, and community institutions working to build more equitable and inclusive neighborhoods, cities, and regions.

Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities

The Funders’ Network works to inform and strengthen philanthropic funders’ individual and collective abilities to support and connect organizations working to advance social equity, create better economies, build livable communities, and protect and preserve natural resources.

Northeast-Midwest Institute

The Northeast-Midwest Institute, a non-profit policy center, engages in research and education to promote the region’s economic development and to enhance the quality of its environmental and human resources. It conducts research, develops public policies, analyzes public programs and their impacts, provides technical assistance, sponsors regional conferences, and distributes publications.

State Partner Organizations

Connecticut: 1000 Friends of Connecticut
Michigan Michigan Suburbs Alliance
Ohio: Greater Ohio
Pennsylvania: 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania
New Jersey: New Jersey Future and Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey
New York: Regional Plan Association