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Save HUD’s Brownfields Programs!

The HUD Brownfields Economic Development Initiative (BEDI) and the HUD 108 loan guarantee program are used to clean up and redevelop brownfields and blighted properties. BEDI provides funds for demolition, site preparation, and building rehabilitation on contaminated sites and HUD 108 allows communities to finance major redevelopment projects by borrowing against future CDBG entitlements.

The President’s budget zeroed out both of these programs. During the appropriations process, the House bill restored funding for the programs, providing $25 million for BEDI and $6 million for HUD 108, but the Senate version also zeroed out both programs. The HUD brownfields program fills a unique niche in funding difficult blighted and contaminated sites. It would be a mistake to eliminate these important tools.

The differences between the House and Senate bills will be worked out in conference committee.  Please help us reach out to conferees and ask them to support the House funding levels for these programs! Download our talking points for more information about HUD’s brownfields programs and to find our if your Congress members are on the list of conferees.