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Downtowns key to Ohio rebound, group says

Journal News, Sunday, June 22, 2008

Greater Ohio says cities must work together to keep young professionals in the state.


Former state Representative Gene Krebs said that post-industrial cities like Hamilton may be in a rough spot, but they have a big positive working for them: Downtowns. Revitalizing downtowns would keep young people here and add an economic generator to cities. Krebs said Greater Ohio has identified 32 cities across the state that were post-industrial cities in need of a boost to regain their former glory. Among them are Hamilton and Middletown. Greater Ohio’s program is based on research by the Brookings Institution, which identified nine Ohio cities as economically struggling in a nationwide study. Greater Ohio expanded the list by including cities with smaller populations. Krebs wants to find out what cities need from the state to “put the pieces together.” He believes cities will be able to cooperate despite traditionally viewing each other as competitors.

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