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Recent Headlines

Harbor Point takes a big leap forward
The Stamford Times, June 26, 2008
The approval and final adoption of an agreement between the city and the recently created Harbor Point Infrastructure Improvement district passed in an overwhelming 30-1-3 decision. This approval is the first step in revitalizing Stamford’s South End, bringing a waterfront hotel, new residential office and retail space, and 11 acres of public parks.

Connecticut — Background

Hartford photo by Flickr user C. Arthus

Governor Jodi Rell established an Office of Responsible Growth within Connecticut’s Office of Policy and Management through executive order in October 2006. With three major cities on the struggling older Industrial cities list—Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven— the Governor’s support for such an initiative indicates an optimistic future for the state’s revitalization agenda.

This new office aims to strengthen and direct new development in existing urban centers. These cities thrived on a manufacturing-based economy in the past, and now they are challenged to steadily transition to more knowledge-based competitive enterprises. The advantage is that with existing infrastructure—roads, rails, and real estate present in these former industrial centers— the potential is there in these cities. Revitalizing these community centers means not only that taxpayer money is being used most efficiently, but also that sprawl and its environmental damage are being reduced.

Connecticut is home to both the wealthiest and the most impoverished counties in the country, according to the 2000 Census. In a place with such socioeconomic diversity, it is critical that where industries peter out, new ones arise to sharpen the state’s competitive edge. To learn more about developments in the Restoring Prosperity Initiative in Connecticut, please visit the Resources, NewsCenter, and Events Calendar.

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